Has your air conditioner become inefficient or stopped working altogether?
Let Westshore repair your AC unit today!
With Westshore, you can be sure your AC will be in working order again in no time. Our technicians work hard to identify the problem and provide a solution. Westshore completes all repairs quickly, so you won’t have to worry about suffering through the summer heat for long.

These are some of the usual problems we encounter when it comes to AC:

Refridgerant Running Low
This liquid is responsible for keeping the air cool. If you’re running out of it, chances are there’s a leak. One of our technictians can identify the leak if there is one, as well as buy and replace the refrigerant.
Frozen Coil
One cause could be a low refrigerant level or an airflow problem. The latter could be due to a clogged condensate line. You can check it yourself and flush out the blockage with compressed air. Be sure to follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.
Wrong Temperature on Thermostat
Is the thermostat placed in direct sunlight? Too much sunlight could affect the indicated temperature. Have it installed in a cooler area or keep the curtains drawn.
Warm Air
It could be slipping through from outside due to poor window seals around your AC units. Another possibility is the cold air could be seeping out. A quick fix would be weatherstripping, something our qualified technicians can handle.
Dirty Filter
Check it regularly and clean it. Replace it every three months. If your AC is regularly serviced, then your technician can take care of this as part of a maintenance program.

There are a few easy things you can do to maintain your air conditioner. To learn how, or for more complicated repairs, consult the professionals at Westshore. Contact us today to get started (616) 449-1039.