We get it – replacing your air conditioning system or unit is no joke. You need an experienced HVAC campany who understands you and your family’s needs. As the go-to air conditioning expert in Michigan, Westshore provides quality service that is timely and effective.

How to know if your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced:

Frequent Repairs Needed
When the cost of repairs outways that of a new unit, it’s time to consider an AC replacement.
Low/Lower Energy Efficiency
Overtime, your air conditioning system deteriorates and even regular maintenance can’t keep it at its best performance. An inefficient unit takes more energy to produce the same air quality, causing your electric bill to rise.
A/C Needs Freon
Older AC units often use freon, which is used as a refridgerant. Though freon isn’t life threatening, it can cause adverse health effects so it’s slowly being phased out. Soon, freon will become difficult and expensive to replace.
A/C Age
Air conditioners usually last up to 10-15 years with regular maintenance.

We are certified Trane dealers, but we can service all makes and models.

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