Beat the summer heat by having your AC unit serviced regularly. Routine maintenance is vital to the longevity of an AC’s lifespan and will ensure it continues to produce quality air. At Westshore, we work hard to keep your AC working without charging you an arm and a leg. We offer free AC analysis, and our repairs are always affordable.

When your AC unit is serviced, we:

  • Examine and clean the AC unit
  • Refill refridgerant as needed
  • Calibrate the thermostat as needed
  • Monitor and record temperatures and pressures
  • Measure air flow
  • Test safety controls
Repairs and replacements are done only after careful examination of your AC unit. We work hard to complete all repairs as quickly and affordably as possible. When your AC unit is malfunctioning, contact Westshore for quality service.

Why Should I Have My AC Serviced?

It’s dangerous and complicated

Our technicians are trained, accredited, and experienced. They can pinpoint issues and address them in a timely manner, all while adhering to industry safety standards.

To maintain cost efficiency

Regular maintenance keeps your AC running at its best and lessens the need for repairs. A good technician would know how to conduct an efficiency test to make sure there’s a balance between the different factors needed to produce quality indoor air.

Prevents major issues

Irregular maintenance could leave you blind to ongoing problems, such as mice chewing on wires or loss of refridgerant. If neglected, these situations could become serious concerns that might require expensive repairs and even replacement.