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While Michigan is well known for its winters, residents of our service areas know how important an excellent air conditioner is to their year–round comfort. At Westshore Mechanical, we offer a wide range of cooling solutions from forced–air distribution units like central air, heat pumps, and high velocity systems, to ductless mini splits. We are truly a one–stop shop for all of your AC system and service needs in the greater Muskegon and Grand Haven areas.
The team at Westshore Mechanical can diagnose any issue your cooling system may have. Our experienced AC technicians can complete any AC repair or replacement you need. In need of emergency AC repair? We offer same–day, emergency service. By calling us for your air conditioning installation needs, you can make sure that the comfort and convenience of your home is in good hands. Let us take care of your cooling needs today.
The AC experts at Westshore Heating and Air Conditioning offer professional air conditioning services throughout the Muskegon and Grand Haven, MI area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.
Tinkering around with your air conditioning system can quickly lead to further damages and even hazardous conditions. All air conditioning repair service should be carried out by a fully licensed and insured technician who has the training, experience, and expertise to take care of your cooling system. However, there are some signs to look for that might hint your AC could benefit from professional repair.
  • Inadequate cooling. A sure sign that something has gone wrong with your air conditioner is inadequate cooling. There are numerous causes for this: it could be low refrigerant or an airflow problem.
  • Spike in energy bills. Keep an eye on your energy bill so that you can keep track of any rising costs that are unaccompanied by increased usage of your AC. A rise in your energy expenditure could indicate an airflow issue or some other problem.
  • Water leak. A water leak near the indoor air handler could be an indication that the condensate drainpipe that collects the condensed water vapor from your indoor air is clogged. Take care of this quickly by calling a technician so that you can avoid any further damage to your air handler.
While not all air conditioners and homes are alike, there are some common AC repair needs that you might want to look out for, which our expert technicians are highly skilled at identifying and fixing, such as:
  • Low refrigerant. All cooling systems rely on a refrigerant or coolant to remove thermal energy from your home and provide cooling. Your system simply cannot function properly without the right amount of refrigerant.
  • Thermostat malfunction. You need to ensure that your thermostat works well at all times. As the primary device by which you control the AC, it needs to sense and adjust the temperature accurately.
  • Air leaks. A leak in the air handler or within the ductwork can cause severe energy efficiency and performance problems.



Professional Air Conditioning Installation

While the quality of the equipment that you have installed in your home is incredibly important, there’s simply no overstating the importance of the air conditioning installation itself. A new air conditioner is not a self–contained unit that sits in the corner and plugs into an electrical outlet. It must be charged with refrigerant, integrated into your electrical service panel, and requires the installation of ductwork throughout the home (unless you opt for a ductless system). Most importantly, it needs to match the size of your home so that you get the best performance and energy efficiency. We can make certain that the entire process, from selection to installation, runs smoothly.
A professional AC specialist, with technical expertise and experience, must complete the installation of an air conditioner in your home. An HVAC technician knows exactly how to approach the installation of new systems. The first step is to perform a load calculation of your home so that we know exactly what level of cooling output you will need to keep your home comfortable and your new system efficient. We then find a system that matches your home, your comfort needs, and your budget. Once we have selected a model, we then proceed with the installation, which varies according to system type. But even if it’s a central air system, we make sure that you have exactly what you need to remain comfortable in your home.

Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you own an air conditioner, you need to maintain it; it’s that simple. But the majority of air conditioning maintenance duties must be carried out by an AC technician who knows exactly how to inspect, clean, and tune–up your system. Without this service, your AC runs the risk of developing problems due to excessive buildup of dirt, dust, and other debris, as well as the possibility of premature replacement. For all of your air conditioning maintenance needs in Muskegon, MI, give our team of AC experts a call today.
Simply put, there is no substitute for the expertise of an HVAC professional. In order to get the most out of your cooling system, you need to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. At Westshore Heating and Air Conditioning, our AC technicians can provide the inspection, cleaning, and tune–up duties that allow your system to perform properly. Call us today to find out more about our excellent air conditioning services in Muskegon, MI.

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