Programmable thermostats are now becoming a must-have in homes and for good reason. It offers several advantages that thermostats of simpler designs can’t do, making it a more convenient and cost-efficient choice. Replacing your current thermostat with a programmable one is simple. Remove the current one while taking note of how the wires are connected. Afterwards, connect the wires to the new one similarly as to how they were connected to the old one.

Allows for temperature zoning.

Imagine each room having its own climate. The ideal temperature for one room might not be best suited to another. For example, you might prefer your bedroom to maintain a cool temperature because of the warm weather but you wouldn’t want to be freezing while taking a shower. With a programmable thermostat, you can set a varying temperatures across your home. Do one of the kids need their room to be warmer due to a sinus problem? Set the temperature accordingly.

It’ll not only make the home more comfortable, but it prevents any energy and money from going to waste on unneeded increases in room temperature. It also promotes health as you can customize room temperatures according to each family member’s health needs.

Adjust temperature remotely.

On a vacation on an island in the Bahamas while your home is starting to freeze on an extra cold day? With the latest innovations in technology, programmable thermostats can connect to the internet so you can adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world. That’s as long as you have access to wifi, of course. Use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to apply the change.

You don’t have to be in some distant geographical location to enjoy this feature. Rethink your lazy days. Love to stay in your bed on this cold day but the temperature is just a bit off? Make the adjustment with your phone. Then enjoy the coziness of your pillows and sheets.

Schedule temperature adjustments.

You can program your thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature at specific times of the day, according to your family’s daily activities. For example, set the air conditioner to switch to a warmer temperature after you leave for work and the kids have gone to school. The kids won’t be home early because of practice and other activities but you will be to relax in the quiet after a hectic day. Set the temperature to change around the time you usually arrive so you’re immediately ready to kick off your shoes. Have the temperature increase by the time everyone arrives home.

You’ll spend less time going to the thermostat and adjusting. You’ll also lose the risk of raking up quite an electric bill after forgetting to adjust it in the morning.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advancements for the home will pay off in the long run. If you want to purchase a programmable thermostat, have an inquiry or aren’t confident with installing it yourself, call (616) 837-8088 and have Westshore Mechanical take care of your HVAC concerns.