Owning an HVAC system in your household can really provide great comfort indoors in terms of cooling and heating. It takes great responsibility to own an HVAC system since it needs to be properly maintained as well. If you happen to notice that your HVAC system starts malfunctioning, there’s a chance that you’ve done something wrong with it. Here are 3 mistakes homeowners make when handling their HVAC maintenance, take note of these tips so you won’t have to deal with problems with your HVAC system in the future.

1. No Scheduled Maintenance

One of the most important things to consider when owning a HVAC system in your own homes is by making sure it undergoes a scheduled maintenance every now and then. If your HVAC system does not receive maintenance, it increases the chance of malfunctions in the long run. As a responsible homeowner, make sure that your HVAC system has regular inspections every now and then to check the machinery, air filters and other components inside to ensure proper functionality.

Here are ways to take care and maintain your HVAC system for the time being:

A. Make sure that no leaves, twigs, or pollen is seen on and around the units. This can cause the unwanted debris to clog inside the system and cause damages. Take the time to also clean around the units as well.

B. Inspect the fan, belts and machinery every now and then, make sure that it’s not being clogged up with dust.

C. Have your air filters replaced every now and then. A dusty and untouched air filter can lead to dirty air circulating inside your household.

D. Take a look if there’s algae building up in the condenser. This can result to the increase of bacteria as well.

2. No Professional Inspection

There are methods that homeowners can do on their own to take care of their HVAC system, but regular professional inspection is still a must. Inspections outside of regular maintenance is necessary particularly when nearing changes in seasons. These are more thorough than your maintenance sessions and help you better prepare not just your HVAC system but your home for the shift in weather. You can schedule inspections every spring or autumn, before the cold and hot seasons come in. If you happen to notice any problems with your HVAC system, it’s best to call your local technicians immediately. Just like scheduled maintenances, it increases the chance of less damages in the long run.

3. Closing Your Rooms

It has become a common act among homeowners to close the doors of each room inside your homes to make sure that air circulates properly, especially rooms that are not being used. People may think that this method has been said to help save on your bill, but it’s simply a misconception. When shutting your doors, this actually makes the HVAC system do more work, and the more your HVAC is in use, the more it will increase the costs in your bills.

To lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC system, follow our blog for more tips on how you can maintain its performance. Always contact your local HVAC technician to help you out when experiencing further problems. Call Westshore Mechanical at (616) 837-8088.