Proper home insulation prevents heat from escaping your home during winter and likewise prevents the cold from leaving your home during summer. Instead of turning your thermostat up and down, insulating your home increases your HVAC’s efficiency. Likewise, it helps you conserve energy. Here are three easy ways to insulate your home:


Insulate Your Doors and Windows

The gaps in your doors and windows allow the temperature from your home to escape. And because your HVAC system will work harder to meet your programmed temperature, it will consume more energy thus, resulting in higher utility bills. To avoid this from happening, insulate your doors and windows by using weatherproofing strips or sealant strips. These strips are cheap and are available at DIY stores.  

For cracks and crevices in your windows, you can use a sealer or putty to patch them up. It is easy to identify your window’s weak points by running your fingers around. You’ll find the weak point when a breeze blows into your finger skin. For the space between your door and floor, you can insulate it by placing a door snake in it. You can craft door snakes through old fabric such as pillow stuffing and old socks and popcorn kernels.


Put Up Your Curtains

Curtains and blinds not only add beauty and elegance to your home. They also trap warm air, prevent cold air from escaping, and prevent drafts. Curtains with thermal backing also give extra warmth retention. However, if you don’t want to purchase one, you can always opt for adding more curtain layers to your window by using PVC shower curtain and fleece. However, always remember to let the natural heat into your home during daylight and draw your curtains back before it gets dark.


Insulate Your Attic Air Leaks

Attics are a great temperature escape route in most homes. Thus, insulating them is also a great way to help you save energy costs. You can use foam or the inexpensive reflective foil material in sealing them. If you have a loft layer in your home, use a fiberglass wool in covering the places under your roof and fill the other gaps of your house with the remaining material. If you don’t have experience doing this, you can always ask someone who can do this for you or approach your HVAC technician to assist you with this.


Home insulation doesn’t have to be expensive and done by professionals. You have the option to look for cheaper insulating alternatives and fix several insulations that you are capable of. Insulating your home is a great way in keeping your HVAC efficient, save energy bills and most of all, enjoy a more comfortable living whatever the season is.

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