Like they say, seasons come and go. With the changes in season, conditions in the environment will wear down your HVAC system. In order to be sure your heater is ready for the winter, it needs to be checked by a professional every season. But you don’t have to wait for the technician. You can keep your HVAC in good condition with these simple tips.

Check Your Air Filters

These are responsible for catching dust and other particles in the air to keep them from being distributed around your home, giving you clean air. It also means they’re the most prone to a buildup of dust and it accumulates faster here than in other parts of the HVAC. Most filters need to be replaced every month or so, depending on the type of filter you choose. While there are reusable filters, they’re not recommended due to hygiene reasons.

Inspect The Window Seal

You might as well check if there are other areas where hot air can enter and the cool air can escape from. See if there are gaps in the windows and the doors. If you already have seals in place, check for moisture. These can damage the seals letting air pass through.

Remove Debris Around Your Unit

Clear the area since these can find its way into your system, particularly the outdoor unit. Dispose of the leaves, rocks, twigs, garbage and other small items that could block the flow of air. These can get into the vents or other areas, causing damage to your HVAC and giving rise to other problems, depending on the affected part.

Keep The Heat Pumps Two Feet Away From The AC

The heat produced by these could damage the rest of your asset. The damage caused by excessive heat could bring about complicated problems. Without constant monitoring, your HVAC would deteriorate especially if the heat pumps overheat and you don’t notice the problem right away.  The affected parts might be sensitive and pricey which would result in expensive repairs and replacements. Worst case scenario would be having to replace it.

Turn Off The Water Supply To The Furnace Humidifier

The furnace isn’t needed during the summer and it would be best to focus water supply to the AC. Leaving excess water that remains stagnant in the furnace unused would mean risking contamination from germs, viruses and insects. It puts your family in serious health risk from possible resulting diseases.

You can inquire with your HVAC technician for more do-it-yourself tips on HVAC maintenance. When you’re experiencing problems with your system, but in doubt whether you should deal with it, call a trained and licensed professional. Westshore ensures your HVAC personnel offers reliable and affordable services. If you’re located within the West Michigan area, call us at (616) 837-8088. We offer free in-home consultations for the first HVAC evaluation. We’d also be happy to answer any of your questions regarding your furnace, air conditioning system and vents.