You may not have the same training and in-depth knowledge as an HVAC professional, but it doesn’t mean you’re helpless when it comes to maintaining your system. Some steps are actually not technical and can be done by anyone. Getting involved in maintaining your system will help lengthen its lifespan, preserve it at its best performance for a longer period of time, and save you money. Without this level of attentiveness and care for your heating and cooling system, you put your hard-earned cash at risk of being spent on repairs, additional maintenance sessions, replacements, and others.


Here, we have a list of these easy steps you can take to maintain your HVAC system, not necessarily in this order. So what are you waiting for? Get those gloves on and get to work!

  1. Scheduled professional maintenance. This differs on the type of HVAC system you have, but once a year should be sufficient in some cases while others would require more often.

  2. Check controls for functionality.

  3. Replace your filter with an upgraded version. Make sure it’s one that’s compatible with your current system. If not, clean your current filter, if reusable, or replace with a similar model.

  4. Check the refrigerant levels to see if it’s enough to survive the winter and have your technician replace it if necessary.

  5. Clear dust and debris from near the units, particularly those exposed to the outdoors.

  6. Inspect fan and motor for any damage, wear-and-tear and, for older models, enough lubrication. Add lubrication, if needed.

  7. Clean and clear ducts and crawl spaces.

  8. Avoid placing heat-producing items, including lamps and television sets, near the thermostat. This will cause the thermostat to increase the cooling power.

  9. Inspect tubing and coils for wear-and-tear and clean.

  10. Examine blowers and clean them.

  11. Check the ductwork for leaks.

  12. Listen closely to any strange noises coming from it.

  13. Check for abnormal odors.

  14. See that the gas furnace has a solid blue fire when turned on.

  15. Ventilate attics and, in winter, properly insulate pipes and vents in colder months.

  16. Add a waterproof cover on your roof, your outdoor units and your condenser.

  17. Turn off your air conditioning units when using them is unnecessary.

  18. Adjust the temperature by a degree or two when a large group of people are coming over.

  19. During the summer months, make use of sources for increased ventilation such as windows and doors but keep them closed with cracks insulated during the winter.

  20. Fireplace dampers should fit tightly when the fireplace is not in use.


While it seems a lot of the work can be done by just about anyone, a complete maintenance session is actually much more technical, thorough and detailed. There’s a reason for the license, numerous certifications, and stringent laws regarding this industry. If you prefer professional HVAC services, contact Westshore Mechanical technicians at (616) 837-8088. We’re proud to say our staff are accommodating, knowledgeable, honest and always happy to help.