Everyone must take note that the quality of indoor air matters. With fresh air circulating inside your homes it will be easier for you and your family members to breathe. Dusty air can lead to health problems. To avoid that, one must have their air filters changed every 2-3 months for proper maintenance and regularity in cleanliness. The role of an air filter in a household is to get rid of dust or bacteria circulating around the air. When it comes to choosing an air filter, it’s not just about selecting the best one that’s available in the store, it’s about choosing the one best suited for your needs. Here’s a guide on choosing the best air filter for you.

Take Note Of The MERV Rating

When choosing an air filter, one of the factors to consider is its MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) Rating which measures the quality of an air filter. Air filters with high MERV ratings are ones that function greatly with MERV numbers of 20 being the highest.

Types Of Air Filters

Washable Air Filters - This kind of air filter can easily capture large particles of dirt. These kinds of air filters don’t need to be replaced but should be washed once a month for better functionality. All you have to do to maintain washable air filters is wash off the dust and dry it out before putting it back. Be certain it’s dried out in order to prevent growth of bacteria. Some HVAC specialists won’t recommend these because they’re seen as less hygienic than other air filters. These come with an MERV Rating of 1-4.

Pleated Air Filters - If you’re looking for a good quality air filter to get rid of pollutants at your home, pleated air filters can eliminate up to 45% of air pollutants. The number of pleats per foot influences its efficiency. Compared to the similarity of a fiberglass filter, pleated air filters come with higher efficiency. Its usual MERV rating ranges from 10-13.

Fiberglass Filters - Also known as one of the common air filters, these are designed thin with a flat panel surface that help in capturing unwanted particles including dust and tiny insects. These must be changed every 30 days for proper maintenance. Unfortunately fiberglass filters can only help in eliminating 10% of air pollutants and come with an MERV rating of 1-4. It’s not the greatest quality air filter but they’re affordable and still get the job done.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters - If you’re looking for air filters with more efficiency and quality, an HEPA air filter is exactly what you need for your household. This kind of air filter is used by the Department of Energy. This is helpful for removing dirt in the air since it removes around 98% of pollutants. It received an MERV rating from 17-20.


Before purchasing your next air filter, you need to take into account your budget, your lifestyle and your home. Get the advice of an expert before purchasing your air filter. Call Westshore Mechanical at (616) 837-8088 for help.