Winter has passed and your furnace was supposed to provide your residence with the heat you and your family very much needed during this frigid season. If this was not the case then you might have to think about replacing it this spring.

Have an HVAC specialist examine your unit and see if it repairs are enough to rid it of its problems, otherwise have it swapped for a new model. The specialist will advise you on this and with their help you could find a new furnace that best suits you. Spring is just the best time for this task to be accomplished.


Spring is the time where there is least demand of furnaces. Given that, companies give out great discounts to entice consumers to purchase during this period of time. This is so they are able to earn all-year round while still being able to cover operating expenses during down times in the market.

Take advantage of these discounts to save on money and make a purchase this season. This is the more practical choice in contrast to doing this in the months prior to and during winter season where prices could skyrocket depending on demand.

More Time For Budgeting

Given that replacing your old furnace does not have to be done right away, you have more ample time to budget your finances and settle on a price your willing to pay for. Given that this is equipment that doesn’t come cheap, some of us may need time to figure things out moneywise.

Though, always keep in mind that this is an investment towards the your home and the comfort of you and your family.

No Need For Heat Yet

Installations could last for several hours, depending on the circumstances of the situation. In this period you won’t have an operable heater given that the technicians are still setting things up. During spring season this most likely won’t be a problem since majority of the time you won’t be needing heat.

You would be at clear disadvantage if you seek to fulfill this during the cold season. Your residence during that time would not be an ideal place to stay in, therefore you and your family would most likely need to vacate it for as long as the installment is taking place.

More Time For Comparing Models

Modern-day furnaces are now equipped with advanced specifications and features. These specifications and features differ per model. Given that there is no immediate need for a replacement you can conveniently take your time to compare models until the point you have come to a decision.

Remember to refer to an HVAC specialist for this so they can give you advice on certain technical things you may not fully understand. They could also recommend for you the best models that would be appropriate for your home and for your preferences. This way you’ll be sure to get your dollars worth since your getting help from an expert. Call Westshore Mechanical to speak to one of ours at (616) 449-1039.