There are times when your heater’s working great and then there are times when it needs some TLC. Give your heater the attention it deserves with the help of Westshore Mechanical. Whether you need routine maintenance before it gets cold or your heater breaks down midwinter, we’re here for you.

Ten Most Common Furnace Problems

Listed are the most common heater issues we encounter.

More often than not, the cause of your heater’s malfunction is actually pretty common. We’ve compiled a list of typical issues that affect HVAC units so you can better comprehend what’s happening to your heater so you can spot and prevent future problems.


Clogged filter

This blocks airflow, causing your heater to function inefficiently and electricity costs to rise. If your filter is older than three months, it’s time to replace it.


Leaking ductwork

You can check for any leaks by going into your attic or crawl space. Take a lighted incense stick with you and if the smoke moves, then you have a leak in the ducts.


Thermostat malfunctioning

Results could range from intermittent heating to no heating at all.


Fan stopped working

If it’s caused by your thermostat or a dirty filter, try flipping the circuit breaker, but only once to avoid causing a fire.


Moldy furnace

You can prevent it from happening with proper insulation, but if you’ve got mold, leave cleaning to the professionals.


Burning smell from heater

Immediately shut it off and unplug. It’s not necessarily caused by anything life-threatening but it’s best to be safe. Check for dust buildup on your filter and in your furnace. If it persists, call an HVAC technician.


Noisy furnace

Some sounds aren’t natural to the design of a heater, indicating a problem. Schedule an appointment with an experienced technician.


Furnace won’t release heat

Check your thermostat settings, gas, power and pilot light.


Heater blows cold air

The causes are the same as when a furnace isn’t giving off any heat.


The blower won’t stop

Your heater comes with a mechanism called a limit switch which is responsible for halting the blower. Call an HVAC expert to take a look at it.

Tips When Your Furnace Has Problems

Avoid trying to dismantle it
You could not only damage it but put yourself and your household at risk. Call a technician instead.
Check this page on our site for simple DIY maintenance tasks
Completing these simple tasks can help you save money and prevent extensive repairs or even replacement.