Your home should be the first place you think of when you want to escape the rest of the world. It doesn’t take much: a comfy bed, your favorite meal, and functioning HVAC system will do. Though underrated, having the right temperature is fundamental for a pleasant home. Television and wifi connection won’t mean much when you’re struggling with sweltering summer heat or frigid cold winters. Stay comfortable with the help of Westshore Mechanical. 


Sleep well throughout the night and stay indoors in your most comfortable outfit without a tinge of a need to wear layers of clothing in the winter. With the proper heating system, you might just look forward to those lazy days in your home.

Heater Service

A heating system that gets regular and routine tuning has a much higher chance of performing at its best and lasting longer. Reduce your chances of frequent, costly repairs with our maintenance program.

Heater Installation

A lot of analysis and planning is actually involved when choosing the right heating system for a residence. The correct, straightforward approach actually takes into account several factors such as the size of the house, the ease of installation, the varying temperature levels needed across the different areas, etc.

Heater Repair

Sometimes it can’t be helped. Your heater breaks down, a part’s missing, or it’s blowing cold air instead of hot. Westshore Heating and Air Conditioning Services will give you a comprehensive and professional assessment before advising you to have any repairs done. When repairs are needed, they are always at a fair price.

Heater Replacement

We know how expensive a new heater can be; replacing one is not a decision to be taken lightly. Depend on the experts at Westshore Mechanical who can help you stave off replacing your unit for as long as possible, and who will help you find a way to get the unit you need without breaking the bank.



Air Conditioning

Enjoy the beauty of summer without the sweltering heat with the help of Westshore Mechanical. We can help you keep your air conditioning running at optimal performance all summer long.

AC Service

You deserve a comfortable home and your air conditioner deserves quality TLC. Keep it in tip-top shape with regular maintenance from our team of experienced technicians.

AC Installation

Having an air conditioning system installed is a complex matter that requires experienced hands. It’s about making sure the aesthetics of a home is left undisturbed while strategically planning the different temperatures throughout the place. The Westshore team has the right training and experience to handle your installation problems so you get your money’s worth.

AC Repair

We love HVAC and resolving problems is our specialty. Issues are the reason why we’re here. AC systems can be complex, but we’ll help simplify things so you understand your machine better. In effect, you’ll know your home better.

AC Replacement

Your AC is an investment so we’re careful to recommend replacement after thorough analysis. We take replacement decisions seriously so your hard-earned money is never put to waste.

Indoor Air Quality

Air contaminants from outside can easily wander into our homes without detection and put our health and our loved ones in danger. HVAC systems that don’t filter air well are one sure way for them to invade your residence. Protect yourself and your family by getting the HVAC that’s right for your home, as approved by honest and experienced technicians.