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Serving West Michigan Since 2004

Serving West Michigan Since 2004

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Air Conditioning Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

When your air conditioner is having problems, the worst thing you could do is put off repairs for a later date. Air conditioner problems only get worse if they don’t get solved quickly, leading to higher cooling costs and even worse problems down the line. Plus, if a repair issue occurs during the hottest part of the year, you can’t waste any time getting it fixed.

No matter what kind of air conditioner you own, you can depend on Westshore Mechanical to be there for the repairs. Our technicians are the finest in Grand Rapids, MI. Not only are they qualified to repair and maintain your cooling systems, but they come with the integrity to never walk out on a job until the repairs are perfect. We won’t just repair your air conditioning repair issues—we’ll ensure that they don’t happen again. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for those times where those repairs just can’t wait.

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Common AC Repair Problems

How do you know when your air conditioner has a problem? First off, it might not be running at all—that should be obvious. But AC repair issues aren’t always that easy. Sometimes they cause your cooling system to act in questionable ways. That’s why it helps to understand some of the signs of a broken AC:

  • Spikes in your monthly cooling bill
  • Reduced cooling power or uneven cooling throughout the home
  • Strange noises or erratic behavior while starting up or running

If your air conditioner is doing anything other than releasing cool air at a steady rate, then you might have a problem on your hands. At the very least, you should call up Westshore Mechanical and ask for a professional opinion.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

If you’re wondering how to prevent air conditioner problems from cropping up in the first place, the answer is plain and simple: maintenance.

Regularly scheduled maintenance might sound like a chore—and frankly, it is. But it’s a necessary chore that will severely reduce the chances of your cooling system developing expensive repair issues. It’s only needed once per year, just before the cooling season comes around.

Maintenance is good for:

  • Raising efficiency, which keeps your monthly cooling expenses low
  • Preventing some of the worst AC repair problems from developing in the first place
  • Ensuring that you stay cool all season long without interruption

Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring a long lifespan for your air conditioner. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you by setting up a maintenance schedule.

Your Air Conditioning Repair Experts in Grand Rapids, MI

At Westshore Mechanical, our goal is to keep your home comfortable, safe, and efficient. We understand just how much AC repair issues can ruin all three of those goals. No matter what time of day you need us, you can depend on our 24/7 air conditioning repair services to assist you in times of trouble. Contact us today to schedule repair service!

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