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Serving West Michigan Since 2004

Serving West Michigan Since 2004

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Always Book Early for an Air Conditioning Replacement If You Can!

old-air-conditioning-unitSometimes, you can’t control when you need to have a replacement for an important appliance. If the laundry machine suddenly dies on you and repairs won’t get it back in shape, you have to arrange to get it replaced ASAP.

But in most cases of essential home appliances and systems, they’ll provide you with warnings that they’re near the end of their service lives. You can plan on the replacement ahead of time so it’s convenient and you won’t have to deal with an emergency breakdown.

Booking a replacement for your home’s central air conditioning system as early as you can is one of the best examples of this. We urge you to call us when you think you need a replacement so you can get on the schedule.

Is it really that important to book early?

Yes! During the summer season, our technicians are kept very busy. We have a team of trained and NATE-certified experts to handle air conditioning replacement in Grand Rapids, MI. But we don’t have infinite resources and we’re a popular choice for locals who want the best in HVAC services. And if you think you need to get a new air conditioner before the summer heat gets more intense, there are probably ten other households with the same idea. You’ll be able to get a convenient time for our installers to come to your home and ensure you have the right system put in place. And the sooner you have your air conditioner replaced with a new unit, the more pleasant days of summer you can enjoy!

But how can I know for sure I need a replacement?

This question has probably been tickling your brain since the start of this post. In order to call early for an AC replacement, you’ll need to know the AC will need to be replaced. A system completely breaking down is the most obvious sign it’s time for a new air conditioner—but this whole post is about how to avoid that problem.

Here are ways to tell it’s time to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment:

  • The air conditioning system has been in your house for more than 15 years. The average lifespan for ACs is 10–15 years, and even though some may last longer, the danger of a breakdown, numerous repairs, and a loss of efficiency increases steeply after this.
  • Repairs for the system have stacked up over the last few years. We don’t recommend keeping an air conditioner that needs repair each year or more than one repair during a year.
  • The estimate for a repair is higher than $500 or half the cost of a replacement. At this cost, you’re better off in the long run with getting a new air conditioner.
  • Summer utility bills keep getting higher with no turnaround in sight. This is a red flag of an AC in permanent decline.
  • The air conditioner cannot keep up with home comfort needs and repairs and maintenance haven’t made a difference.

We’re glad to help you with your AC replacement, so call us as soon as you can and we’ll get you set for a cool future for your house.

Book your all-important AC replacement with Westshore Mechanical. Serving West Michigan since 2004.

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