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Furnace Not Blowing Air? Here’s Why

One of the most frustrating furnace problems you can encounter is a furnace that simply does not blow out hot air. You might run the furnace for an hour only to realize that it’s not heating your home up at all. Upon putting your hand up to the air vents, you might not feel any air. Or, if there is air, it might not be warm.

Not having warm air is bad, but the real reason this problem would be considered frustrating is because there are so many potential causes for it. Without a proper inspection from an expert of furnaces in Grand Rapids, MI, you’ll be left confused and in the cold.

The Causes of Airflow Problems

There are many causes for airflow problems, so it’s not safe to make assumptions about what’s causing the problems without a proper inspection. While some of these issues can easily be remedied by the homeowner, others might require the help of a professional. We urge you to always call up a professional as soon as you encounter such an issue.

Dirty air filter

Your furnace’s air filter is designed to keep dust out of the system. But if the filter gets too dirty and isn’t changed, it can start blocking airflow. This is particularly dangerous with gas furnaces, since they require a steady stream of oxygen for combustion.

Thermostat issues

The thermostat is the control center—or the “brain”—for your furnace. If it stops working, then there’s no way for you to communicate your demands to the furnace. Likewise, any malfunction or programming error will also reflect in the furnace. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to report airflow issues for what turns out to be just a simple programming error.

Broken blower

The “blower” refers to the set of components that blow the hot air from the furnace, through the vents, and into the home. The blower consists of a motor, a belt, and a fan—airflow problems can happen from any one of those components breaking down or coming loose.

Can These Problems Get Worse?

The main reason you’d want to fix your airflow issues is because it’s preventing your home from getting comfortable. However, it helps to understand in full just how bad airflow problems can be for your system:

  • Overheating: If your airflow issues are caused by a broken blower or dirty filter, it’s a real possibility that your furnace can overheat. In these cases, heated air will be trapped inside the furnace cabinet for longer. The limit switch will typically prevent the furnace from overheating in these instances, but even the limit switch can break or malfunction.
  • Reduced efficiency: Any time your heater is forced to work more than usual, it’s going to cost you more in the long run. Short of a thermostat that fails to turn the furnace on at all, any time your furnace runs and doesn’t produce proper heat will waste energy.

Need help figuring out your furnace issues? Contact Westshore Mechanical today to schedule an appointment.

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