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Serving West Michigan Since 2004

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Get HVAC Service for Your Heater at the End of Summer

tech-speaking-with-coupleIn almost industry requiring an appointment or reservation date, you’ll often hear that booking service in the off-season is always the wisest decision. Typically that’s because business is slower and there will be plenty of coupons and discounts! But in the case of HVAC, it’s always too hot or too cold for someone. In this case, booking during the off-season can save you a lot of stress and time.

Less Stress

Imagine this: it’s the hottest day in the middle of the summer. It’s not even three o’clock, and it’s still expected to get hotter. You finally break and decide you’ll run the air conditioner, even though you’ve been trying your best not to rely on it. You set the thermostat, but nothing happens. There’s no “click” from the thermostat. There’s no whirring fan that reassures you the cold air will be filling your home. It’s busted!

After getting in touch with an air conditioner repair service in Grand Rapids, MI, you’re told that it’ll be a few days until they can get to you. You’d be OK if they said hours, but days?

Unfortunately, this is one possible reality of waiting until the last minute to get your HVAC problems fixed. There are several other homeowners just like you waiting on AC services, and you’ve just been put at the bottom of the list. Winter will be no different, except you’ll be dealing with the cold.

Instead, having all your problems found just before the start of the season will ensure the best possible outcome. Having your system checked just before will ensure your repairs are recent enough. There’s no guarantee you won’t have to wait for an appointment, but of course, waiting won’t even be a problem since there’s no urgency.

More Time

If you know that you’re due for a replacement, you can use this time as the perfect opportunity to start weighing your options. Is now the time to switch to a different fuel source? Through your research, you might discover options you never knew existed. Since you’re starting early, you might find some attractive options you wouldn’t be able to afford without some extra planning.

For example, you might find that a heat pump is perfect for your needs and will even pay off when summer rolls around again. However, the upfront costs of heat pumps can scare off some homeowners—especially for those who are simply looking at emergency replacement options in the middle of the season. If you have ever considered financing, now—rather than when you’re panicking—is a great time to consider it.

More time will also allow you to get in some time for a maintenance call. Around 80% of HVAC problems can be prevented with a simple maintenance check, and it could be the difference between a costly problem in the middle of the season.

Whether you need HVAC services right now or at the last minute, we’ll be here to help! Contact Westshore Mechanical, a 24/7 HVAC service that’s served West Michigan since 2004.

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