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Serving West Michigan Since 2004

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It’s Time for Furnace Maintenance

technician-inspecting-furnaceNow that the cold season is in full swing here in Grand Rapids, MI, that time has come again. Which time, you ask? Yes, the time for hot cocoa with marshmallows and warm blankets is on that list, but what we’re referring to is furnace inspection time!

Sorry if that doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s something that every furnace owner should make time for every year. Furnace maintenance is the best way to keep your heating costs low and to extend the lifespan of your system. We’ll explain in more detail below.

What Does Maintenance Do for Me?

Many people ask this question because they’re skeptical about whether maintenance is even necessary. They’d much rather wait until their furnace begins acting funny or stops working entirely. We can tell you, however, that neither strategy is good for keeping your furnace in good, lasting condition.

Waiting until your furnace starts acting funny means that you’ll automatically be calling in for repairs, not a maintenance. After all, maintenance is a proactive service, not a reactive one. Maintenance is done for the same reason you would take yourself or your children to the doctor every six months for a check-up—catching problems as early as possible is the key to a long and healthy life.

Calling in for repairs only after the system stops working entirely is even worse. This means that your system has already been suffering from issues for so long that it finally just gave out. A lot of stress has been put on your system at that point and, depending on the type of issue, it could be wildly expensive. We can’t predict why your furnace might stop working, so we could be looking at something as simple as a burnt-out fan, or an entire compressor failure. Either way, a maintenance check would have greatly reduced the odds of it happening.

Maintenance Can’t Possibly Solve Every Problem!

You’d be right to say that. Just as a doctor can’t protect you from catching a cold, it’s a sad fact of the HVAC industry that some problems do appear without warning.

Even with that being said, it’s been estimated that nearly 85% of HVAC problems can be prevented with maintenance. The other 15% of the time will require the careful attention of a professional HVAC service in Grand Rapids, MI. It makes more sense economically to do a quick tune-up than it does to increase your odds of encountering a potentially expensive repair problem.

What Parts of My Furnace Can Be Maintained?

We’re glad you asked. Here are just a few things you can expect your HVAC technician to look at during a maintenance check:

  • Heat Exchanger (can create a serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if not checked)
  • Burners
  • Fan Switch
  • Igniter or Pilot Light
  • Safety Controls
  • Gas Lines
  • Flue Pipes
  • Belts and Pulleys
  • Air Filter
  • Thermostat

Of course, that’s just a basic list of the parts that will be looked over. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive list of what goes into a maintenance check, don’t be afraid to reach out.

Is it time for maintenance? Contact Westshore Mechanical today to schedule a service!

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