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Serving West Michigan Since 2004

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Heat Pumps in Grand Rapids

If you’re in the market for a year–round home comfort solution, then you can’t go wrong with a heat pump. They work similarly to a central air in that they circulate a refrigerant that absorbs and dissipates thermal energy. They are not only able to keep your home cool during the summer, but also warm during the winter. At Westshore Mechanical, our comprehensive range of heating and cooling solutions can give your home the advantage of quality services. Our highly trained heat pump technicians come prepared to every project they perform, and we especially enjoy helping customers with their installation and replacement services. Click the links below to learn more about:

We can guide you every step of the way, whether you’re looking for a heat pump for your new home construction project or a prompt replacement for your existing model. We offer free estimates and respond to your service needs immediately. Call us today.

Westshore Mechanical offers quality heat pumps and provides professional heat pump services throughout the Grand Rapids, MI area. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

What is a Heat Pump System?

To the uninitiated, the name of the heat pump sounds a bit strange: after all, how does one pump heat? That’s precisely what it does, but perhaps not quite in the way you imagine. A heat pump system works very similarly to an air conditioner. There is an outdoor unit containing a compressor and condenser coils, and an indoor containing an evaporator coil and air handler. A refrigerant circulates through this cooling circuit, absorbing thermal energy from your home and dissipating it outdoors, while also cooling your indoor air in the process.

But what makes it distinctive is its ability to reverse its operation. The aptly named reversing valve allows it to draw in the thermal energy from the ambient air around the outdoor unit and use this to warm your indoor air. This is what makes the heat pump such a versatile and attractive system for homeowners throughout Grand Rapids, MI.

Professional Heat Pump Installation 

Do you know how much refrigerant to charge your heat pump with? Do you know exactly what size heat pump your home requires? Take it from the experts: make sure you hire a professional to complete your heat pump installation in Grand Rapids, MI. This is important for a variety of reasons. For one, you simply cannot expect your heat pump to heat and cool your home effectively and efficiently unless it is installed by an experienced Grand Rapids heat pump installation technician. Moreover, handling HVAC equipment can be potentially dangerous if you are not highly skilled and trained with such equipment.

Heat Pump Repair Service

While widely recognized for its year–round capabilities and energy efficiency, a heat pump is a mechanical system like anything else in your home, and as such, is subject to repair needs. Ensuring that you take care of any problems immediately is critical, though you also need to maintain the condition of your heat pump. This becomes especially important as it ages, but should be done on an annual basis from the start.

At Westshore Mechanical, our Grand Rapids heat pump repair technicians perform excellent repair services. We employ only the finest heat pump system technicians around, and we back up our work with a promise to repair it until it’s fixed because we have confidence in our ability to provide heating and cooling solutions to your home. Whether your heat pump is not working properly or you would like to stay ahead of repairs with routine maintenance, we provide excellent heat pump services. Call us today to speak to one of our friendly Grand Rapids heat pump repair technicians about what we can do for you

Unlike a central air system or a furnace, a heat pump works year–round to keep you comfortable. Considering all that wear and tear, it’s hardly surprising that it may eventually need professional heat pump repair service in Grand Rapids, MI. Save the do–it–yourself gusto for another time. Heat pump problems need to be addressed by a professional heat pump repair technician from Westshore Mechanical who can discover the root of the problem and provide a viable solution that lasts.

Refrigerant is an integral component in your heat pump system. As such, it needs to be kept at a certain level at all times. Whether due to faulty installation practices or a leak in the system, there may come a time when your refrigerant level runs low. When this occurs, it needs to be recharged by a professional. Another common issue is when your condenser coils become dirty. The outdoor unit of your heat pump is subject to increased levels of dirt and dust.

Routine Heat Pump Maintenance

Unfortunately, some homeowners fail to follow up their new heat pump installation with routine maintenance. Besides keeping the area surrounding the heat pump clean and replacing your air filter on a regular basis, the majority of maintenance should be taken care of by a heat pump maintenance technician. During these regular visits, one of our Grand Rapids heat pump maintenance specialists will visit your home and provide comprehensive cleaning, inspection, and adjustments. The benefits of such a service far exceed its nominal cost. It will improve the heating and cooling performance of heat pump as well as reduce your energy bill. Make sure you hire a pro to complete your heat pump maintenance in Grand Rapids, MI.

Is It Time to Replace Your Heat Pump?

Are you sick and tired of paying to repair your heat pump on what seems like a regular basis? Are you frustrated by the performance of your old heat pump, and wish it were more energy efficient? If so, then your home might be a good candidate for professional heat pump replacement in Grand Rapids, MI. Call Westshore Mechanical today to find out whether you should replace or repair.

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