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Serving West Michigan Since 2004

Serving West Michigan Since 2004

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Boiler Services in Grand Rapids

The boiler is one of the most trusted and widely used heating systems in America, and is known for its clean and even heating, mainly because it avoids forcing hot air through ductwork. At Westshore Mechanical, we provide thorough boiler services throughout the Grand Rapids, MI area. Whether you need a new boiler installation or your existing model is cracked and needs to be replaced, our boiler service technicians can ensure that the new equipment integrates smoothly into your existing heating system. Click the links below to learn more about:

We know how much you depend on the integrity of your heating system, which is why we are always ready to tackle any project that comes our way with same–day service and free estimates. Let our Grand Rapids boiler technicians evaluate the condition of your boiler, should it be old or require frequent repairs. They are highly trained, fully insured, licensed, and—best of all—they’ll repair it until it’s fixed. Give us a call today for professional boiler system service in your area.

Westshore Mechanical offers quality boilers and provides professional services for boilers throughout Grand Rapids, MI. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Do You Need a Boiler Repair Service?

Does your boiler make an unusual sound during operation? Are you looking for a way to improve the longevity of your boiler? At Westshore Mechanical, we understand how much you value your boiler. For many homeowners throughout the Grand Rapids, MI area, a boilers provide excellent heating and hot water production through the coldest nights of the year. Considering how much wear and tear it gets day–in and day–out during the heating season, however, it’s hardly surprising that it should need the occasional repair. It’s important that any such repair needs are taken care of by a trained boiler repair professional so that they are completed properly and so that the condition of your home is not put at risk.

We offer our clients excellent boiler repair service in Grand Rapids, MI. With our same–day and 24/7 emergency repair service, our boiler repair technicians can make certain that the root of the problem is resolved so that you can get back to enjoying the comfort and convenience of your heating system. If you’d like to minimize your repair needs, then you should schedule professional boiler maintenance.

While boilers are built to be sturdy machines, capable of producing steam or hot water throughout the years after it was first installed, there will come a time when it needs professional boiler repair service.

Here are a few of the most common boiler repair needs:

  • Leak. Your boiler produces either steam or hot water, but water in any form can lead to leaks within the home. When water is not properly controlled, it can wreak havoc on the infrastructure of your home.
  • Wrong temperature. The temperature of your boiler needs to be just right at all times. Too hot, and it can lead to scalding temperatures, as well as overheating; too low, and you may find that you’re not warm enough on particularly cold nights.
  • Strange sound. If you notice that your boiler makes a strange or unusually loud sound, then it could be an indication that all is not well with its operation.

Benefits of Professional Boiler Installation

A boiler is a great heating option for your home. It supplies steam or hot water through radiators installed at key points throughout your home, or it can power a radiant heat system. It depends on your needs and your budget. As important as the quality of the equipment itself is the quality of the installation. You need to make sure that you hire a professional boiler technician who can install an appropriately sized system that will give you years of excellent service.

Here are some benefits of a quality boiler installation service in Grand Rapids, MI:

  • Energy efficiency. Heating water costs money. In order to get the greatest energy efficiency from your new boiler, it needs to be professionally installed.
  • Performance. When properly sized and installed, you should be able to depend upon your boiler to deliver excellent even, consistent heating throughout your home.

Make sure that your new boiler is installed professionally by giving us a call today. Whether you need a boiler for your new home or a replacement model, our highly trained boiler technicians can make sure the installation is a success. Don’t settle for anything less than absolute comfort. We are your boiler installation specialists. Call us today!

Is It Time to Replace Your Boiler?

Are you concerned about your boiler? Does it make a strange sound? Does it fail to heat your home adequately? Unfortunately, in many cases, there is no clear division between repair and replacement, and making the right decision is important because your home’s comfort is at stake. Investing in a new boiler may make more financial sense in the long–term, particularly if your existing system suffers from frequent problems and costly repair needs. Call our boiler replacement specialists to help you decide if it’s time to replace your current boiler.

Why Do I Need Routine Boiler Maintenance?

If you own a boiler, and haven’t yet signed up for professional maintenance, then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly Grand Rapids boiler maintenance technicians. Preventative maintenance is simply the best way to reduce repair needs, energy costs, and to improve performance. No matter what type or brand your system may be, it can benefit from our boiler maintenance service. Let Westshore Mechanical take care of your heating system. We can restore the effectiveness and efficiency of your boiler, so give us a call today. Our highly skilled boiler maintenance technicians have the years of training and experience necessary to ensure that your home is warm and comfortable throughout the heating season.

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