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Serving West Michigan Since 2004

Serving West Michigan Since 2004

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UV Germicidal Lights in Grand Rapids

Are you concerned about the growth of microbiological organisms in your ductwork? Would you like to reduce their growth in your home without the use of chemicals? The combination of closed HVAC systems and well–insulated homes can make for indoor air quality problems that are difficult to eliminate. But there are numerous indoor air quality devices that can help you achieve comfort in your home. Ultraviolet light is a great tool for the homeowner, and the installation of a UV light system in Grand Rapids, MI can be a great asset to your home comfort.

Ultraviolet light is the same invisible light that makes us tan (and burn) in the hot summer sun, and it is deadly to microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and mold spores. By emitting safe, low levels of UV radiation, UV germicidal lights are able to resolve problems with such pollutants in your home. We provide excellent UV light services throughout the Grand Rapids, MI area, from installation and replacement to repair and maintenance. Let us find an indoor air quality solution that works for your home.

The UV light experts at Westshore Mechanical offer quality installation, replacement and repair services throughout the Grand Rapids area.

UV Germicidal Lights Installation

If you’re in the market for an aftermarket upgrade to your HVAC system like UV lights, then you need to make certain that it receives professional installation. There’s no other way to be sure about its effectiveness and efficiency. The following problems can occur in any home, and they can be assisted with professional UV light installation.

  • Mold spores. The buildup of mold can get out of control quickly in a home suffering from high humidity levels and a lack of ventilation. A UV light installed within your HVAC system can help to eliminate mold spores as they pass through the ductwork.
  • Mildew. Like mold, mildew can be irritating as an allergen and is commonly found in bathrooms. But mildew can go airborne if it is circulates through your ductwork.
  • Bacteria. High levels of bacteria can be detrimental to the cleanliness and health of your home.

UV Germicidal Lights Repair Service and Maintenance

It’s important to take care of your UV lights with professional repair and maintenance services in Grand Rapids, MI. There’s simply no other way to ensure that they work correctly and are thus able to protect your home from microorganisms. At Westshore Mechanical, our UV germicidal light technicians are highly trained so that they can diagnose a wide variety of problems with your UV light device, whether it has been dislodged from its location in the ductwork, or some other fault. In addition, we also provide routine maintenance for indoor air quality devices such as your UV light, and can replace the bulb when your equipment needs it. Call us today for all of your UV light needs in Grand Rapids, MI.

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