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Everyone loves moderate weather, but those in our region know how hot it can get in the summer. With the steamy summertime weather sticking around just long enough, air conditioning begins to feel like a necessity rather than a luxury. However, you need an air conditioner to be in good working condition to avoid breakdowns and enjoy comfortable air.

It can be stressful dealing with a problematic air conditioning system; you wouldn't want to tackle it independently. We have qualified experts who can help you with the complicated installation process. The most significant benefit of hiring an expert to install your air conditioning unit is that you are assured of getting the right system that will work efficiently.

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Just like any other home appliance, air conditioning units will run their course and require replacement. Over time, the cooling system will lose efficiency and performance. However, how will you know when to replace your air conditioner and upgrade to a new one? There are several signs you can use to determine whether to replace the cooling system.

  1. When you experience higher energy bills without any excessive energy use
  2. An air conditioning system that requires frequent repairs is a sign of needing replacement.
  3. If the cooling system is more than 10 years old, it may be time to swap it out for a more modern and efficient unit.
  4. When you are dealing with constant and costly repairs, you may want to replace the unit.
  5. If your cooling system's warranty has expired, it may be a sign to replace it with a new air conditioning system.


When you are replacing your old AC, you must get help from a reputed HVAC company. Installing an AC is not an easy job. It has to be fixed with utmost perfection, without leaving any room for flaws. A single mistake might lead to massive damage, so don't put your faith in the novices. Always go for the experienced companies if you want a hassle-free and reasonably priced installation. 

And who can be better than Westshore Mechanical? Backed by a team of superbly skilled servicemen and an efficient customer service team, we know how to make our customers fully satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Contact us right now, and have a stress free experience.


Now the critical question is, how will you know that your system needs to be replaced? Let's check out some prominent signs: 

  1. The air conditioner is at least ten years old
  2. Your home energy bills are incredibly high 
  3. You have to spend a lot of money on repairs 
  4. Your AC runs on the nearly-extinct R22 refrigerant
  5. There are hot and cold spots in your home 

If you feel familiar with these symptoms, the chances are high that you have to go for a new AC machine. And guess what, when you hire us, you can experience a seamless installation experience, with a full guarantee of excellent work quality. 

Still not sure? Then let us take you through all the benefits you will get from your new AC: 

  1. Your energy bills will remain under control 
  2. There won't be any unusual noise bothering your peace 
  3. You will get unlimited access to cool air 
  4. Summers will be comfier than ever 
  5. Amazing airflow will improve your quality of sleep

And the list goes on! So make a wise decision for your home today, and hire Westshore Mechanical for installing the brand-new AC in your home. Thanks to our years of experience in the AC industry, we can add immense value to your project. Contact us immediately, and schedule an appointment.

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