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You're sleeping soundly at midnight, and out of nowhere, your AC unit stops functioning. Quite the nightmare, isn't it? But with regular maintenance, you can steer clear of such air conditioner breakdowns. The cooling unit provides you with comfort from the scorching heat of the sun, so it's your responsibility to keep the air conditioner system safe from the clutches of damage or breakdowns. 

To ensure that your house's comfort doesn't get affected, investing a certain amount in AC repair, AC installation, and maintenance keeps your air conditioner system safe. For great service professionals like these, your ideal option is Westshore Mechanical. We specialize in conducting premium air conditioning unit services for your home and commercial spaces, keeping your wellbeing and comfort in mind. 


AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups | Keep The Cool Air Going Strong In Your Home

There is no doubt that this region has enough heating and cooling systems companies around in Grand Rapids, MI, but not everyone is as proficient as us because they do not possess the right skills or experience. Our AC repair Grand Rapids team has employed a group of technicians who are the best in the industry, certified, and their attention to detail makes them stand out from the crowd. Most inexperienced companies tend to generalize the problems that your air conditioning system has been facing. But not all air conditioning systems are alike– they require different treatments that the novices won't be able to deal with. 

You will end up spending tons of money, but the output won't be as satisfying. So what do you do now? Hire Westshore Mechanical Grand Rapids, MI, and watch how we resolve your heating and cooling system issues with our professional touch. We have been involved in this industry for the longest time possible, so it's a cakewalk for us to breathe life into malfunctioning air conditioners. We address every case with minute care, so our customers highly recommend us to their friends and neighbors, without any second thought for quality service. 

If you want hassle-free air conditioning service, where you won't have to supervise the process or negotiate prices, we are your best bet. Our services are world-class, and so are our resources. But in terms of payments, we like to keep it reasonable so that keeping your Grand Rapids, MI home cool and comfy doesn't become a burden on your shoulders. 

Once you experience our services from the cooling specialists, you won't want to hire anyone else for maintenance ever again. So contact us today. 



Don't Lose Your Cool | Call For AC Repairs Today

You deserve the best air conditioning repair services, and so does your AC unit. If you live in our service area, you can leave the entire responsibility to us. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to our customer service team today, and let them know about your questions and concerns.

Contact us via the web with a valid phone number and valid email address, or give us a call at our local office to get in touch with an air conditioning unit professional to get great service!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average life expectancy of equipment?

  • Most systems have a lifetime of 10 to 20 years. As your equipment gets older, its energy efficiency can decrease dramatically. You may notice that it gets noisier and needs repairs more often. When a unit begins to show its age, you have two choices. You can overhaul the system or replace it. Because heating and cooling technologies improve over time, a new system designed with newer, more energy-efficient equipment makes sense, especially if your system is 10 or more years old. We can estimate the cost of a new system and a payback schedule that will show you how newer technology will pay you back in lower energy usage.

Can I replace the outdoor unit with an older system to save money?

  • No. Replacing only the outdoor unit will lower the efficiency of the unit. In fact, you can lose up to 15% of the unit's efficiency! Even worse, your system may fail sooner than normal, and most manufacturers' warranties will be voided. It would help if you always replace the indoor cooling coil with the outdoor unit.

Will a bigger-sized system perform better?

  • No, you don't want your air conditioner to be too big. Air conditioners control the comfort level in your home by cooling the air and by removing humidity. An oversized air conditioner will cool your home faster, but it will use more energy and not remove humidity adequately.

  • A unit that is too big for your home will have short run cycles. It may take only a short time to cool the air, but the unit shuts off before enough air blows across the indoor coil, where moisture condenses into water and drains from your system. Too much moisture left in the air can lead to mold and mildew problems.

  • These short-run cycles also mean your system starts and stops more often, which uses more energy and causes wear and tear. An air conditioner operates more energy efficiently during long-run cycles that do a great job.

  • The same holds with heating systems. An oversized furnace will warm the house quicker, but it uses more fuel and causes greater temperature swings in the West Michigan home.

Should I have my furnace and air conditioner serviced every year?

  • Yes. Keeping your heating and cooling systems properly maintained will lower energy and repair costs, prevent breakdowns, and prolong the life of your equipment. Neglecting necessary heating and ac system maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.

Why should I purchase a superior service agreement?

  • Without warranty coverage, a breakdown can mean significant expense in parts, labor, or both. However, with one of our routine maintenance service agreements, you avoid that unexpected significant expense. While no warranty can guard against every possible problem, our air conditioning contractors can explain the broad range of protection our excellent service agreements afford.

My air conditioner is very loud when I entertain outside, what can I do?

  • A difference of 6 decibels (between 72 dB and 78 dB) is technically a four-fold increase in compressor sound when rating air conditioners or heat pump units. However, it takes a difference of 10 decibels to double the loudness. It is also noted that it takes approximately 3 decibels for the average human ear to discern any difference in loudness for AC units.

  • Great strides have been made in reducing the operating sound level of equipment. We will be happy to show you the difference in sound ratings with the AC unit's product line.



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