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Winter is a great time to stay in and spend quality time with your family. But the only condition is, you need to have a working heater indoors to alleviate the cold blues. In case the furnace stops all of a sudden, it becomes a major concern. Your comfort and health will be compromised if the heating system isn't keeping your rooms warm enough. To ensure that the machine functions smoothly throughout the season, you have to opt for professional repair or maintenance services. 

You can schedule maintenance even if there are no complications present in your heater. Servicing at regular intervals ensures that no issues are plaguing the machine, and at the same time, keeps your furnace in top condition. On the other hand, you need a repair when your heater has stopped working altogether, or it has stopped functioning in its usual manner. No matter your requirement, Westshore Mechanical is here to assist you with all of your HVAC related issues. Call us today, and talk with our experts. 


While it's crucial to purchase a high-quality heating system for your house, you shouldn't overlook the installation procedure. It's worth noting that the fixing process sets the tone of how well your unit will serve you in the long run. Several technical steps are involved, and when handled by an unqualified person, the heating unit won't function reliably and efficiently. Still, doing it yourself may not be the solution since you may forget to take the necessary precautions. It would be best to contact our technicians for a safe, quick, and effective installation.  

In case you are not sure of the best heating option, our experts can help you choose one. We consider various factors, such as your house and heating needs. When fixing the unit within your space, we use the best techniques to ensure that it's in perfect working condition. Additionally, we know where to position the system so that you can get the best out of it, thanks to years of experience.

Note that your system and the installation process may be excellent, but you're going to encounter some operational issues over time. Therefore, make sure you schedule maintenance with our team of experts so that we keep your system in excellent condition. 

We will make regular visits for a tune-up to address any issues through procedures such as:

  1. Cleaning the heating system
  2. Lubrication of vital areas
  3. Replacing the air filter
  4. Adjusting the pilot

Remember, the unit serves you almost daily; thus, don't wait till it breaks down. It will be an inconvenience to you, your household, employees, or customers.


It's normal for your furnace to break down just like in other equipment, but you don't have to panic. When it happens, we got you covered. Call our technicians for a quick fix so that we can get it back to shape. We understand how inconveniencing the issue may be; thus, we respond in the shortest time possible. Our experts then assess the heating system to know the problem's source and develop the best solution.

Some warning signs that need our expert attention include;

  1. High heating bills
  2. Unusual noises from your system
  3. When the thermostats stop working
  4. Air blowing inefficiently
  5. Ineffective heating

When you need quality heating services, you can rely on our skilled and qualified experts at Westshore Mechanical. We have extensive knowledge of how to install, maintain, or repair your system. Go ahead and schedule a service!

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