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The cold season can be very unforgiving if you are not prepared. You wouldn't want to imagine having a malfunctioning heating system. Therefore, you need a furnace to keep your living space or working area warm and comfortable. 

With a reliable HVAC expert, you can get all the assistance you need whenever your furnace has a problem. Our Professionals at Westshore Mechanical have the necessary knowledge and skills in the heating industry. Hence, we will ensure that your unit is in good working condition. Below are more details about our services.


While it's crucial to purchase a high-quality heating system for your house, you shouldn't overlook the installation procedure. It's worth noting that the fixing process sets the tone of how well your unit will serve you in the long run. Several technical steps are involved, and when handled by an unqualified person, the heating unit won't function reliably and efficiently. Still, doing it yourself may not be the solution since you may forget to take the necessary precautions. It would be best to contact our technicians for a safe, quick, and effective installation.  

In case you are not sure of the best heating option, our experts can help you choose one. We consider various factors, such as your house and heating needs. When fixing the unit within your space, we use the best techniques to ensure that it's in perfect working condition. Additionally, we know where to position the system so that you can get the best out of it, thanks to years of experience.

Note that your system and the installation process may be excellent, but you're going to encounter some operational issues over time. Therefore, make sure you schedule maintenance with our team of experts so that we keep your system in excellent condition. 

We will make regular visits for a tune-up to address any issues through procedures such as:

  1. Cleaning the heating system
  2. Lubrication of vital areas
  3. Replacing the air filter
  4. Adjusting the pilot

Remember, the unit serves you almost daily; thus, don't wait till it breaks down. It will be an inconvenience to you, your household, employees, or customers.


Maintenance and repairs fix the system for sure, but all cases are not the same. If the heater becomes worn out, it isn't easy to bring it back to life again. Moreover, spending a ton on your old system isn't a beneficial choice at all. 

So, how will you understand that you have to replace your heater? Let's take a look at the signs. 

  1. The heater is quite old 
  2. It makes awry noises when you turn it on 
  3. It provides cool air 
  4. The temperature fluctuation inside your rooms is disturbing 
  5. There is dust everywhere in your house 
  6. You have invested a fortune for repairing, without any visible results 
  7. You are paying high energy bills 

If your furnace has been exhibiting these symptoms, you should make a wise choice and let go of it. Old and broken systems lead to high energy consumption without providing any comfort in return. When you bring home a new furnace, it will keep your electricity consumption in check while keeping you warm and cozy at the same time. 

This is quite a significant investment, but it is necessary to keep your home functional. Our team will assist you in making a decision and taking responsibility for the new installation. So throw away your worries, and contact us right away.

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